Pray to End Abortion

It doesn’t get any more subversive than this. It’s one thing to vote to end abortion, or to protest to end abortion. Those are commonplace tools of democracy. But pray to end abortion? That’s not a democratic method – and that’s why it’s one of my favorite pro-life slogans.

When man struggles with man, whoever is more powerful will just about always win. Which side (if any) is good, and which side is evil have no bearing. This is the principle of “might makes right.” Life is not like some inspirational sports movie where a plucky band of lovable underdogs will inevitably win and create the happy ending. In real life, evil wins regularly. More than a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote of a coming age when civilization would embrace the total devaluation of the weak and the voiceless.

There is nothing to life that has value, except the degree of power – assuming that life itself is the will to power. Morality guarded the underprivileged against nihilism by assigning to each an infinite value, a metaphysical value, and by placing each in an order that did not agree with the worldly order of rank and power… Supposing that the faith in this morality would perish, then the underprivileged would no longer have their comfort–and they would perish.

And perish the unborn did, at a global rate of millions each year. At its heart, “choice” is about power – the power to kill an innocent human who is totally powerless to fight back. And, being outnumbered, those who want to provide legal protection for the unborn are quite powerless as well. In the United States, election after election produces no substantial change in the law. In other (allegedly) civilized nations like Canada and the United Kingdom, voices for the unborn are so outnumbered that abortion has virtually vanished as a political issue.

By voting, protesting, or using other human means, legal abortion will never be ended. It may be reduced by small increments, and this is a very good thing, because each life saved does have, contra Nietzsche, infinite value. But total political embrace of the right to life in the west? Forget about it – those in power have a stranglehold which we are too weak to break, even with truth and justice planted so firmly on our side.

And that’s why the statement “pray to end abortion” is so powerful. An electoral and constitutional lock on the right to reproductive “choice” can be maintained rather easily. But God cannot be similarly kept in check. The scriptures testify over and over that what God ordains comes to pass. As one verse in Isaiah 40 puts it, “He brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing.” If we pray to end abortion, God can actually do it, and there’s not a thing in the world the abortion industry could do to stop it.

So by all means, pray to end abortion! It may well turn out to be the most important work ever done for the pro-life cause.


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