Pro-life vs. Right to Life

There it is, from no less of a source than Gallup itself: Pro-life 50%, Pro-choice 41%. It’s certainly not bad news, but unlike a lot of writers in the pro-life blogosphere, I’m not especially excited.It’s hard to feel happy when only a bare majority opposes killing unwanted members of the next generation. You know what would excite me? Gallup announcing that they would no longer poll this question, because too few respondents were answering pro-choice.

Additionally, I really don’t care much for the term “pro-life.” It’s far too vague, and can be used to mean almost anything.  Supporters of legal abortion call themselves “pro-life” all the time. How many times have we heard people described themselves as “personally pro-life,” or “pro-life and pro-choice”? Because of this, I much prefer the label “Right to life”. Right to life, unlike pro-life, leaves almost no wiggle room for legal abortion. If the unborn have the right to life, then their mothers can hardly have the choice of killing them. Heck, even the “anti-choice” label mockingly applied to us by the other side is preferable to pro-life in terms of clarity and lack of wiggle room.

Of course, I have little leg to stand on. After all, I have named this very blog, of all things, Pro-lifist (in my defense, some of the other names I considered were much, much worse). And in addition, I almost consistently use the term pro-life in my posts. I recognize that pro-life is what we’re stuck with, but I still maintain that Right to Life would have been a better term. We don’t just think life is a good idea, we think it’s a right!


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