Why Abortion Will Always Remain Legal

Try to watch the whole thing.

Scary isn’t it? How on earth do you even begin to reason with these people? Logic and consistency are nowhere to be found, and those interviewed are either unfazed by or proud of their incoherence. And remember, the Democratic party is no fringe party, and the positions espoused by the Democrats in this video are not fringe positions. All it takes for a majority is to win over the even less rational and consistent swing voters. It wasn’t always this way.

In 1972, when McGovern came out of nowhere to win the Democratic nomination, the McGovernites were a strange curiosity. At the convention, the McGovernites did not even have enough strength to add a pro-choice plank to the party platform. In November, after being labeled the candidate of ‘acid, amnesty, and abortion,’ McGovern went down in disastrous defeat, losing 49 states – most of them by brutal margins. He lost New York 59-41, and lost Maryland 61-37.

Forty years later, McGovernites have basically become the sum total of the Democratic party. The platform now calls for abortion on demand, without cost, and without exception. Pro-life Democrats, and moderate Democrats more generally have withered away. The fringe of 1972 comprises approximately half of the nation in 2012. They cannot be reached on abortion, nor can they be expected to provide even minimally persuasive reasons for holding to the pro-choice dogma, nor, as this video shows, can they even be consistent about valuing “choice.”

We are the losers of history. Armed with a message of truth and justice, a message to love children rather than kill them, we are fated to be ignored forever. 350 years into the so-called age of enlightenment, we have become more blind, and more unreasoning than ever before. Day by day, the death toll rises, and all around us, even in our very neighborhood, an ever growing chorus cheers, thrilled that one class of humans is still able to sacrifice another class. We are in the darkness of evening – the darkness that will not give way to morning, but a long, long night. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that we’ll ever emerge from that night.



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