UnMittigated Disaster

God is finished with America.

On November 6, a chorus of 60 million voters shouted “Give us Barabbas!” And Barabbas they were given.

I myself was blindsided. I blithely assumed Mitt would pull it off. After all, America has been crying “Give us Barabbas!” for a long time. About 250 years by my count. And until now, God had always given America mercy and prosperity it did not deserve.

And yet, deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last forever. A nation reaps what it sows. God is not mocked. Our so-called courts of justice have given blessing to the execution of 55 million innocents and counting. The true miracle is that America’s gravy train of relative happiness and comfort lasted as long as it did.

There is no turning back from 2012. Obamacare is here to stay, freedom of religion is mere months away from extinction, the Supreme Court will soon have a rock-solid liberal majority, and jobs and money will continue to grow scarcer. Scary times are coming. Like every other great empire in history, America will collapse.

On January 22, 2013, the Biblically symbolic 40th anniversary of Roe arrives. The lead story in the newspapers on that day will be a report of Obama’s second inauguration. Frankly, I can’t think of a more grimly appropriate and fitting end to the first forty years in the wilderness. A novelist couldn’t have scripted it better.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Democrat Joe Donnelly will be settling in. He will be Senator because the heavily Republican electorate of Indiana preferred him to Richard Mourdock. And why? Because Mourdock made the unpardonable offense of stating that every life is a gift from God. Could there be any more poignant illustration of the pro-life movement’s utter failure to touch the conscience of America during the last 40 years?

Presiding over the Senate will be Vice President Joe Biden. Biden joined Congress less than a month before the Roe decision. Although a Catholic, he supported the decision because he valued the state more than God. And he was re-elected Vice President on Tuesday because a majority of American Catholics shared this prioritization.

Thousands of years ago, Moses instructed the Israelites to choose life. Instead, the Israelites chose death. And the result? Just read the book of Lamentations. After that, Israel did not re-emerge as a nation for 2,500 years. Americans too, have chosen death. Probably, we will not even be so lucky as Israel.


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