Disaster in the Philippines

This one really hurts.

It hurts when other nations abandon the cause of life too, but at least it’s predictable in those nations.

But the Philippines were different. It wasn’t supposed to happen there. Not in one of the few nations to prefer McCain to Obama. Not in the only nation in the world without easy divorce. Not in the nation that I have often called the greatest nation on earth.

For two decades, Filipinos had valiantly fought the RH bill, and the corresponding onslaught of international pressure from the west.  The fought to preserve the unique culture of life, and love that exists in the Philippines. But now, at long last, the bad guys have won. The RH bill has passed, and needs only the signature of President Aquino, who has pledged to do so before the end of 2012.

And thus, the Philippines – so long a single bright star of compassion and hospitality in midst of the cold, indifferent universe that is our world – seems fated to eventually become just another lifeless nation under the suicidal stranglehold of the contraceptive mentality. For the moment, abortion remains illegal, but notwithstanding the law, half a million abortions are already estimated to take place annually. At that level of lawbreaking, it looks all but inevitable that one day, the Constitutional right to life will too finally be abolished.

Way back in 1970, the United States Congress considered a bill very similar to the RH bill of today. In my previous post, I shared a speech by Representative Schmitz in opposition. So much of what he said 42 years ago still applies today. President Nixon signed that bill into law on Christmas Eve. As family scholar Robert W. Patterson noted, “Nixon missed the irony of starting a campaign to reduce “unwanted and untimely childbearing” just as the country was about to celebrate the “unplanned” birth of a baby born in poverty 2,000 years before.”

Less than 25 months later, abortion on demand was a Constitutional right in all 50 states. Now that the Philippines has likewise passed a bill to combat unwanted children during the season of Christ’s birth, one can only wonder how long they will continue to hold out before the citizenry embraces legal abortion.


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