Purge Every Evil From Your Midst

As of this writing, there’s been a mindless and mildly horrifying frenzy against the Confederate flag for the past few weeks. Wal-Mart, Amazon, EBay and other businesses will no longer sell it, and a conscious effort is being made to even purge it from old media like “Dukes of Hazzard.” (I write this only because two or three months from now, all of this will be forgotten – new shiny outrages will have long since replaced it).

I can’t say I disagree with the the basic idea of denouncing the Confederate flag. It did fly for four years over a nation expressly dedicated to preserving a legal system which treated a large class of humans as mere chattel property. God sent ten plagues, including the death of all firstborns, on the nation of Egypt for an unjust slave system. Bearing this in mind, it’s a shame and a mystery that any Bible-minded Christian would have affection for the Confederacy (and don’t give me “the north was worse” nonsense. It’s perfectly possible for two sides in a conflict to both be evil in the eyes of God).

And in fact, I actually agree with the idea of totally purging the flag from our midst, as far as practicable. Symbols of evil, ungodliness, and hate should be destroyed. The most righteous in ancient Israel and Judah were the ones who destroyed the Ba’als and Asherah Poles. And it would indeed have been a shame if Golden Calves could be easily found for purchase in every goods trading post within God’s chosen nation. A frenzy to get rid of something like the Confederate flag is, Biblically speaking, a positive good.

The only reason I called it “mindless and mildly horrifying” is that it sprouted not from Biblical theology, but from the ever growing alternative religion of progressivism. In accordance with the stopped-clock principle, the progressives randomly happened to momentarily target something that’s actually evil. More often, America is not so lucky.

[Digression: I’m privately excited about the coming day when the stopped clock will again be right, and the American flag will be targeted. That flag flew over a land of ungodly slavery for 88 years rather than 4. It flew over a land born out of monstrous, bloody, and cruel rebellion against a good King and parliament in Britain. A land which happily committed genocide against Native Americans for centuries. A land that has indiscriminately engaged in wars which do not even arguably meet the Just War criteria. A land which has been working to abolish the family structure since the mid-1800s. And, of course, a land that’s given the legal blessing to the murder of close to 60 million babies. Yes, it will indeed be a good day when the American flag itself is finally targeted.]

The mob that’s going after the Confederate flag today has the wrong motives. And those wrong motives usually lead them to destroy righteous things rather than unrighteous things. But dang, we could sure learn from their zeal. What if Christians had that same kind of zeal today? What if we had an equally strong burning desire to purge every evil from America?

I’m not holding my breath. Yesterday, most Biblical minded Christians in America happily celebrated the Fourth of July, totally oblivious that the ‘principles’ of the Founding Fathers, which they claim to revere, are in fact little more than modern day progressivism in a more embryonic form. But a small remnant of believers are belatedly beginning to wake up, and there is no limit on the overruling power of our sovereign God.


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