I. The Spider in the Shadows

Many weeks back, I sat by a window, vacantly gazing out, when suddenly an insect flew straight into a large spiderweb nestled in the window’s lower left corner. A few seconds later, to my horror, a large spider crawled out of the shadows, and began making its way across the web toward the struggling insect. With only seconds to spare, the insect managed to extricate itself from the web, and flew away. The spider glumly marched back into the shadows.

Right then and there, I silently offered up a prayer of joy – thank you God, for even the smallest of mercies. And yet, in this moment of unexpected happiness I also closed the curtains, and walked away from the window. I knew that, though this insect had been saved, others would not be. For every creature that flies free, rescued from danger, there are many more who do not escape the spider in the shadows.

A prominent American magazine recently declared that advocates of legal abortion have been “losing” ever since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. The pro-life blogosphere has been happily abuzz over this article, and taken it as a sign that the long term war looks favorable for our side. Russell Moore was one of the few voices to offer a more pessimistic take, to which I have little to add. Moore rightly admits that there are real reasons for happiness. Whether because of ultrasounds, crisis pregnancy centers, lack of taxpayer funding, protests outside clinics, or any number of other strategies, thousands of mothers have chosen life. Those lives are not trivial. Like a butterfly, escaping from the spider’s web, each one is an occasion for rejoicing.

But the spider in the shadows remains. I live in a country where, at this very moment, any woman at all can go into a medical facility, and have her own son or daughter put to death, without any reason at all. It has been this way for 40 years. More than 50 million times in those four decades, women have elected to exercise this right. Most frightening of all, We the People have ultimately decided that this state of affairs should stay undisturbed. For every life saved by the pro-life movement, so many more are snuffed out, and there’s no end in sight. What the Supreme Court made a right in the alleged land of “liberty and justice for all” has become so deeply embedded that making abortion illegal again has become unthinkable.

And so we do not dwell much on abortion, and go about living our lives. Even those of us who know abortion is murder. What else can we do? Thinking about the spider too much will drive you insane. But refusing to think about it can be equally dangerous. Underestimating a nation’s collective capacity for evil only leaves us less prepared when something even more wicked than abortion really starts to catch on. We continue to call America a great nation even with legal abortion. What about legal infanticide, or legal genocide? When these come, will we also put them out of our mind, and keep reciting “with liberty and justice for all”? Will we one day be reduced to rejoicing when protestors convince one mother to not exercise her legal right to put her two year old to death?

These are not pleasant questions to think about, but a 40 year anniversary is as good a time as any. Over the next several days, I hope to take a hard look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. And whether there’s any possibility of a happy end when the spiders are no more.


Roe Turns 2,000

Yesterday evening, Representative Donald Payne, Jr. (D-NJ) took the oath of office. By my calculation, he is the 2,000th voting member of Congress that has served since the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973.**

Since time immemorial, pro-life activists have told the world that Roe was an undemocratic ruling – that it unjustly took the abortion law away from the people and their elected representatives. And yet, for 40 years, it has been a constant topic of debate in American politics. Nearly every one of the 2,000 men and women to have served in Congress since the decision has had to take a public position on the ruling. What other Supreme Court decision can you say that about? Is there any judicial opinion in American history which has so relentlessly been subjected to democratic election and debate?

It’s time to stop blaming the Court. No Justice from the Roe Court remains on the Court today. Every Justice now sitting on the Court was confirmed by Senators elected long after abortion became a political issue. Opportunity after opportunity to stop pro-choice judges arose. And in each case, the democratically elected Senate, representing the voice of the people, gave these pro-abortion judges lifetime tenure.

Neither has there been any shortage of time to pass some sort of Constitutional amendment. Indeed, Senate committee hearings on such an amendment were conducted in 1974, 1975, 1981, and 1983. The House had committee hearings in 1976. Collectively, they are impressively thorough. Only in 1983 did the committee see fit to send an amendment to the entire Congress for approval. It was not a pure right to life amendment, but it did at least give the states the power to ban abortion. Only 49 Senators voted yes – well short of the 2/3rds needed for passage.

More recently, in 1999 and 2003, the Senate passed symbolic resolutions which declared approval of the Roe ruling. And pro-life forces in the Senate have only dwindled since those years.

There have been a small handful of legislative victories. During the Bush years, the Born Alive Infants Protection Act passed. But even this paltry achievement is somewhat tarnished by having a current President who opposes it. The Bush years also gave us the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which took a decade to pass, and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which expressly disclaimed any intent to limit or curb legal abortion. Real achievements, but mere pittance in the face of more than 50 million casualties.

By far the most significant victory came in the limitation of taxpayer funded abortions. But even this consensus appears to be falling apart.  Prior to the Clinton years, tax dollars were forbidden even for rape and incest abortions. When George W. Bush replaced Clinton in 2001, Congress never even attempted to eliminate the new rape and incest exceptions. These days, there is talk of eliminating the Hyde amendment altogether.

Just yesterday, Rasmussen released a new poll about abortion. 54% of respondents called themselves pro-choice, and only 38% of respondents called themselves pro-life. Polls haven’t been that bad for our side since the early ’90s. You can debate the precise accuracy of the poll, but you cannot deny that a majority of Americans favor legal abortion. For forty years, this nation has wanted killing, and the 2,000 men and women democratically elected to Congress have done nothing more than reflect this consensus.


**This is not counting Richard McIntyre (R-IN), who won a seat in 1984, voted for Speaker, but then was denied the chance to take the oath of office. I don’t have time to go into the details, but essentially the Democratic controlled House brazenly stole McIntyre’s seat. Let that be a lesson to anyone who still thinks Congressional Democrats are basically honest and decent human beings.

UnMittigated Disaster

God is finished with America.

On November 6, a chorus of 60 million voters shouted “Give us Barabbas!” And Barabbas they were given.

I myself was blindsided. I blithely assumed Mitt would pull it off. After all, America has been crying “Give us Barabbas!” for a long time. About 250 years by my count. And until now, God had always given America mercy and prosperity it did not deserve.

And yet, deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last forever. A nation reaps what it sows. God is not mocked. Our so-called courts of justice have given blessing to the execution of 55 million innocents and counting. The true miracle is that America’s gravy train of relative happiness and comfort lasted as long as it did.

There is no turning back from 2012. Obamacare is here to stay, freedom of religion is mere months away from extinction, the Supreme Court will soon have a rock-solid liberal majority, and jobs and money will continue to grow scarcer. Scary times are coming. Like every other great empire in history, America will collapse.

On January 22, 2013, the Biblically symbolic 40th anniversary of Roe arrives. The lead story in the newspapers on that day will be a report of Obama’s second inauguration. Frankly, I can’t think of a more grimly appropriate and fitting end to the first forty years in the wilderness. A novelist couldn’t have scripted it better.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Democrat Joe Donnelly will be settling in. He will be Senator because the heavily Republican electorate of Indiana preferred him to Richard Mourdock. And why? Because Mourdock made the unpardonable offense of stating that every life is a gift from God. Could there be any more poignant illustration of the pro-life movement’s utter failure to touch the conscience of America during the last 40 years?

Presiding over the Senate will be Vice President Joe Biden. Biden joined Congress less than a month before the Roe decision. Although a Catholic, he supported the decision because he valued the state more than God. And he was re-elected Vice President on Tuesday because a majority of American Catholics shared this prioritization.

Thousands of years ago, Moses instructed the Israelites to choose life. Instead, the Israelites chose death. And the result? Just read the book of Lamentations. After that, Israel did not re-emerge as a nation for 2,500 years. Americans too, have chosen death. Probably, we will not even be so lucky as Israel.

Why Abortion Will Always Remain Legal

Try to watch the whole thing.

Scary isn’t it? How on earth do you even begin to reason with these people? Logic and consistency are nowhere to be found, and those interviewed are either unfazed by or proud of their incoherence. And remember, the Democratic party is no fringe party, and the positions espoused by the Democrats in this video are not fringe positions. All it takes for a majority is to win over the even less rational and consistent swing voters. It wasn’t always this way.

In 1972, when McGovern came out of nowhere to win the Democratic nomination, the McGovernites were a strange curiosity. At the convention, the McGovernites did not even have enough strength to add a pro-choice plank to the party platform. In November, after being labeled the candidate of ‘acid, amnesty, and abortion,’ McGovern went down in disastrous defeat, losing 49 states – most of them by brutal margins. He lost New York 59-41, and lost Maryland 61-37.

Forty years later, McGovernites have basically become the sum total of the Democratic party. The platform now calls for abortion on demand, without cost, and without exception. Pro-life Democrats, and moderate Democrats more generally have withered away. The fringe of 1972 comprises approximately half of the nation in 2012. They cannot be reached on abortion, nor can they be expected to provide even minimally persuasive reasons for holding to the pro-choice dogma, nor, as this video shows, can they even be consistent about valuing “choice.”

We are the losers of history. Armed with a message of truth and justice, a message to love children rather than kill them, we are fated to be ignored forever. 350 years into the so-called age of enlightenment, we have become more blind, and more unreasoning than ever before. Day by day, the death toll rises, and all around us, even in our very neighborhood, an ever growing chorus cheers, thrilled that one class of humans is still able to sacrifice another class. We are in the darkness of evening – the darkness that will not give way to morning, but a long, long night. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that we’ll ever emerge from that night.